Triple P Level 2 – Preschool (Run 9)

Life Skills Coaching for Young Children


Triple P L2 Pre Life Skills Coaching 2


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“I have attended Triple P twice now, implementing the techniques and seeing positive changes in my child’s behaviour. Kids need to be nurtured from young.”

— Shir Lee S, Mother, Triple P Level 2 participant



‘Learning to Learn is Life’s most Important Skill.’  – Tony Buzan


Do you wish your preschooler could be more independent?

Through three progressive webinars, you will gain cumulative skills to develop the foundational principles of equipping your preschooler with essential life skills. Your preschooler themselves are the greatest asset. Put your time and effort into coaching and encouraging your greatest asset.


Thanks to decades of rigorous and ongoing scientific research, the Triple P – Positive Parenting Program® is regarded as one of the world’s most effective parenting programmes. Triple P is ranked by the United Nations as the #1 researched and evidenced parenting programme in the world. Triple P works for most families across cultures, countries and family situations. The Ministry of Social and Family Development has found that parents who attended Triple P are more confident in their parenting, have lowered parenting stress and reduced behavioural problems in children (Source).


Triple P gives parents simple and practical strategies to help you confidently manage your children’s behaviour, prevent problems developing and build strong, healthy relationships within the family.


Webinars are conducted online through Zoom


1Core Principles of Nurturing Life Skills in Young ChildrenSaturday, 5 November 2022
11.30 am – 12.30 pm
2Confident & Competent Young ChildrenSaturday, 12 November 2022
11.30 am – 12.30 pm
3Resilient Young ChildrenSaturday, 19 November 2022
11.30 am – 12.30 pm


Triple P Level 2 Webinar 1

The CORE PRINCIPLES OF NURTURING LIFE SKILLS IN YOUNG CHILDREN provide the building blocks for the programme as it introduces parents to five core principles of positive parenting:


 Triple P Level 2 Webinar 2

CONFIDENT & COMPETENT YOUNG CHILDREN builds on the foundation webinar and shows parents how you can use positive parenting principles to teach young children important values and skills, including encouraging respect, cooperation, getting on with others, learning to be independent, developing a healthy self-esteem and learning to become good problem-solvers. These competencies enable young children to do well both in school and beyond.


Triple P Level 2 Webinar 3

RESILIENT YOUNG CHILDREN focuses on helping young children learn emotion regulation skills. Parents are often uncertain about how to respond to young children’s expression of emotions in ways that help young children learn to manage their feelings. This webinar deals with how to help children:



“I now feel more confident in parenting. The programme is good and the content is practical.”

— Karen C, Mother, Triple P Level 2 participant




Triple P Level 2 Webinars are now free, fully subsidised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development


Registration closes on 3 November 2022