Counselling Therapy



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Counselling Therapy


Anyone’s wish to be free from being bogged down by struggles and even past wounds can be realised. When people’s own efforts to gain clarity and solutions on their own is not working out, they seek counselling for someone to help them work through a difficult time and gain options on dealing with the situation. We believe that everyone can benefit from gaining awareness and exercising positive choice making towards wholeness.


Morning Star provides Counselling Therapy services to children, adolescents and adults, using various therapeutic approaches. We offer face-to-face counselling and online counselling.


The fee for counselling is $100 per hour and each session is typically between 1 to 1.5 hours. There are interim subsidies for families facing financial difficulties. All subsidies are subject to proof of income and management approval.

Institutional On-site Counselling Therapy Services


We have worked with schools to provide case management as well as individual, family and group therapy since 2000. Our team of counsellors provide a range of counselling and therapeutic services for children and families.


In 2020 alone, our counselling services provided more than 1,900 hours of counselling and therapy for its clients. We help our clients gain clarity about goals and priorities for any situation. New understandings about personal coping strategies regarding the circumstances and feelings they are experiencing result in effective choice-making and ultimately attainment of peace.


Areas of personal growth include:

  • Managing depression and anxiety
  • Work-related challenges
  • School-related difficulties
  • Strained parent-child relationships
  • Marital struggles
  • Grief and loss
  • Changes in family status


For schools who would like to engage our Counselling services in the interim, and for organisations looking to engage our Counselling retainer services, please reach us at

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