Counselling Therapy

Our Counsellors

Pauline Addison Lee – Associate Counsellor

Kelvyanne Teoh – Associate Counsellor

Prisilla Tang – Associate Counsellor

Hazel Yeo – Associate Counsellor

Nancy Gay – Associate Counsellor


Counselling Therapy

Anyone’s wish to be free from being bogged down by struggles and even past wounds can be realised. When people’s own efforts to gain clarity and solutions on their own is not working out, they seek counselling for someone to help them work through a difficult time and gain options on dealing with the situation. We believe that everyone can benefit from gaining awareness and exercising positive choice making towards wholeness.


Morning Star provides counselling services to children, adolescents and adults, using various therapeutic approaches. We offer face-to-face counselling and online counselling.



Morning Star also provides Theraplay®-based sessions for parents and children, and equip professionals with Theraplay® principles and Theraplay®-informed interventions.


The fee for counselling is $100 per hour and each session is typically between 1 to 1.5 hours. There are interim subsidies for families facing financial difficulties. All subsidies are subject to proof of income and management approval.

Play Therapy for Children Aged 5 to 12

Why do children require Play Therapy?


The way children cope can often be an enigma for parents and the adults teaching or caring for them. What is outwardly seen as prolonged defiance and anger, impulsivity and hyperactivity, anxiety or aggression, may be the outward manifestations of a child’s secret longings that they are not able to express.


What are the outcomes of Play Therapy?


The Play Therapist uses a wide range of play and creative arts techniques that helps what often lies deep within the surface.

In the process, a child’s brain is also being transformed to help him/her become more emotionally and behaviourally regulated. Parents can also have parenting sessions concurrently, where a family therapist supports parents in addressing children’s’ challenging behaviours and also provide tips on how to support their child’s therapeutic play process.


Children learn:


  • To respect themselves
  • That their feelings are acceptable
  • To express their feelings responsibly
  • To assume responsibility for themselves
  • To be creative and resourceful in confronting problems
  • Self-control and self-direction
  • To accept themselves
  • To make choices and to be responsible for their own choices

Therapeutic Services for Adults and Parents

Why do adults require therapeutic services?


  • Managing depression and anger
  • Facing grief and loss
  • Managing anxiety, fear and stress
  • Encountering work related difficulties
  • Strained parent-child relationships
  • Dealing with changes in the family status
  • Marital conflict


Our therapists use a systemic framework with proven therapeutic techniques that explores patterns of relating and coping. Through the process, clients gain insight, come to terms with obstacles faced and explore inner resources to achieve the goals they desire.


What are the outcomes of therapeutic services?


Virginia Satir, a pioneer of family therapy, stated that “Change is possible.” Even if external change is limited, internal change is possible. Counselling therapy does not provide a miracle cure but the process is good enough in facilitating people to make new decisions, experience self-empowerment and freedom in spite of unfavourable circumstances, and improve relationships especially with significant others.


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