Join Us

Since 1999, we at Morning Star Community Services have believed and still believe that volunteers play a crucial role in achieving our Mission: To strengthen and enrich family relationships in Singapore. The deep passion to contribute to the community, coupled with a strong desire to make a difference in the lives of others, is clear in our volunteers. Regardless of skill-set, their altruism has brought fulfilment not only to themselves, but also the lives of others they have helped.

Morning Star believes the ‘health’ of the family is critical. Strong and stable families contribute to social stability and harmony. A good family not only provides love, food and shelter, but also security and a sense of belonging. Strong family bonds provide a sense of shared identity and a lifetime of joy and fulfillment. Parents who nurture and inculcate positive values in their children will help them grow up to be responsible adults. Having happy, strong bonded families will definitely benefit our communities and society as it keeps us united, stable and dynamic.

Join us today as a volunteer to further our mission in renewing families in Singapore.