Our Counsellors

Kelvyanne Teoh

Principal Therapist and Core Principal Facilitator

Master of Arts in Counselling

Franciscan University of Steubenville, Ohio

Specialist Certificate in Satir’s Systemic Transformational Therapy Model

Satir Institute of the Pacific

Therapeutic Play Practitioner Trainee

Play Therapy International

Certificate in Reality Therapy

William Glasser Institute (USA)

Accredited Triple P Practitioner

University of Queensland

Accredited Signposts Practitioner

Parenting Research Centre (PRC), Victoria, Australia

Certified Trainer Course for Common Sense Parenting®

Boystown USA


Kelvyanne Teoh is the Principal Therapist at Morning Star Community Services. She has been in the counselling profession for the last 18 years. Kelvyanne has also worked at Remuda LIFE in the United States. The residential facility serves girls/women and their families struggling with eating disorders, depression, anxiety, addictions, and personality disorders. In her capacity as therapist and Core Principal Facilitator, Kelvyanne has developed experiential group work programmes and provided in-depth individual, family and group counselling. In addition, she has been active as a para counsellor and trainer prior to obtaining her Master’s degree. Currently, Kelvyanne is embarking on a specialisation in play therapy and has completed more than a hundred hours working with primary-school aged children.


Among the family-focused programmes/talks that Kelvyanne has designed, facilitated or delivered are: Common Sense Parenting® Programme (12-hour programme on a proven, step-by-step guide for raising responsible kids and building happy families); Beyond Barriers Family Reintegration Workshop for Singapore Prisons; Parenting with Significance Fathering Workshop and Parenting with Meaning Mothering Workshops for Singapore Prisons; Tuning In to My Child (Guiding parents in managing power struggles); Creating Buy-In (Growing children’s and teen’s internal motivation); Love Talks! (Identifying and using the five love languages to grow a child’s self-esteem) and MSF programmes.


Organisations that have engaged Kelvyanne’s services are: Ministry of Social and Family Development (Fostering, Enhanced Step-Up, Family Education and Support);  Singapore Prison Service; People’s Association; MINDEF, Housing and Development Board Union;  Agri-Food and Veterinary Authority of Singapore (AVA);  Government of Singapore Investment Corporation Pte Ltd (GIC) Singapore Training And Development Association (STADA), polytechnics, schools and preschools.

Deepika Naresh Jawharmal

Counselling Therapist

Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling)

ECTA, Swinburne University, Singapore

Graduate Certificate in Family & Systemic Therapy

William Road Family Therapy Centre, Melbourne

Sociodrama & Story-Telling for Children Group Facilitators Training

Hudson Valley Psychodrama Institute, USA


Deepika Naresh Jawharmal is a mental health professional who has been in the field for three years and practices with a systemic lens. Prior to working as a mental health professional, Deepika was working with children and young people for four years in the role of trainer, teacher and mentor in various settings from schools to social services in Singapore and Indonesia. Her years spent with children and families has shaped her ongoing interest to help struggling individuals and families to have better quality of life.


In the role of counselling therapist, Deepika works with children who have been identified as under-performing in school by providing counselling services to them through NOVA, a learning intervention program initiated by Morning Star Community Services. Deepika’s role has been to provide social and emotional support to these children while simultaneously engaging the family to achieve the goal of greater family cohesion which in turn provides a conducive environment for the children to thrive in all areas of their lives. Deepika has also worked to strategically plan and organize group activities in schools, companies and social services for primary and secondary level children to promote better social skills, group cohesion, positive peer interaction and personal growth using methods of training, play, sociodrama, storytelling and mindfulness techniques.


In the capacity of a family therapist, Deepika has worked with Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre to help youth facing psychosocial challenges identified by Child Protection Services. The psychosocial challenges aforementioned here include youth showing at-risk behavior, depressive symptoms, various coping behavior of self-harm and eating disorders, emotional dysregulation and defiance to authorities. Using a systemic approach, Deepika has worked collaboratively with stakeholders including centre director, staff, child protection officers, learning institute officers, social workers and families to help the child receive adequate help for successful re-integration into the family unit and community.


Deepika is also engaged by JC Integra Corporate Consultancy to facilitate a wellness program for probationary staff to identify individual and collective challenges faced by the group as well as providing a space for authentic expression and positive means of coping with ongoing job-related stressors.


Organisations that have engaged Deepika’s services are: Dayspring Residential Treatment Centre, JC Integra Corporate Consultancy, Innovating Minds Pte. Ltd., Andrew & Grace Home, The Open Centre and Yayasan Pendidikan Petra Alpha (Jakarta, Indonesia).

Nisha Narendar Jhangiani

Counselling Therapist

Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling)

ECTA, Swinburne University, Singapore

Graduate Certificate in Family & Systemic Therapy

William Road Family Therapy Centre, Melbourne

Certified Hypnotherapy Practitioner

National Guild of Hypnotists

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practitioner

The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming


Nisha Jhangiani is a Counselling Therapist at Morning Star Community Services. She has been in the mental health profession for the past four years and currently runs an independent practice in counselling and hypnotherapy.


In the field of counselling Nisha has worked with voluntary welfare organizations reaching a broad demographic of clients. Her counselling journey began with voluntary welfare organizations specialising in geriatric care. Nisha’s work with the elderly has strengthened her foundation in the client-centred approach to counselling. At present, she is working with primary school children and their families as a counselling therapist. Nisha uses a systemic approach, incorporating the principles of Experiential Therapy and Common Sense Parenting to alleviate the problems faced by children from complex family backgrounds.


Nisha’s works on a broad range of issues from anxiety, depression, family/relationship and addictions in her private practice. Nisha specialises in helping her clients manage obsessive-compulsive behaviour symptoms, smoking/alcohol dependency and body image issues. As a Consultant Therapist with The Pathlight Centre, Nisha has also facilitated training courses in the 5-PATH® System of Hypnosis & 7th Path Self-Hypnosis® programs.


Organisations that have engaged Nisha’s services are: St Andrew’s Nursing Home, Jamiyah Nursing Home, All Saints Home and The Pathlight Centre.

Ong Sansan

Counselling Therapist

Master of Social Science (Professional Counselling)

ECTA, Swinburne University, Singapore

Graduate Certificate in Family & Systemic Therapy

William Road Family Therapy Centre, Melbourne

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Finance)

University of New South Wales Australia


Ong Sansan is a Counselling Therapist with Morning Star Community Services conducting individual and family therapy with primary-school aged children and their families. Issues that Sansan journeys with families on include attachment difficulties, family and marital conflict, grief and loss, and transition issues for foster children. Earlier counselling experiences in various secondary schools and student care centres have given her a lead in engaging both primary and middle school children to help them develop and discover their academic, social and personal goals. Her practicum experience has honed her skills in the provision of individual and group counselling services with a diverse clientele.


Having been a stay-at-home mother to support her children during their formative years has endowed her with a wealth of parenting experience. The use of creative means of interacting with children has been instrumental in helping children build strengths.


Organisations that have engaged Sansan’s services are: Nightingale Nursing Home, Bowen Secondary School, Henderson Secondary School, One Hope Center Gambling Addiction Center, AG Home and Family Life Society (Para-Counselling).

Kelly Kan

Associate Counselling Therapist

Master of Social Science (Counselling)

University of South Australia

Certificate in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy

William Glasser Institute, Singapore


Kelly Kan is an Associate Counselling Therapist with Morning Star Community Services. She currently works with under-performing children to help them with their social, emotional and behavioural challenges.


Kelly has over 12 years of counselling experience in the social service sector as well as the corporate sector. She had also taught counselling skills in a public educational institution.


She holds a Master of Social Science in Counselling with the University of South Australia. She is also a certified Choice Theory Reality Therapist with the William Glasser Institute. She is an accredited Facet 5 practitioner and is certified in CEVEY Business Leadership Coaching and Management Potential Evaluation Leadership Assessment.


As a counsellor, Kelly helped youths and their parents overcome challenges and build stronger relationships through the process of rehabilitation. She also partnered with schools to help youths improve their self-esteem and resilience through workshops and outreach activities. Kelly empowered parents to connect with their children and manage their behaviours. Besides parenting and child issues, Kelly had also worked with clients on other issues which includes, depression, anxiety, grief and loss, marital and family relationships.


In addition, Kelly had been involved in delivering talks and providing training to employees and parents to increase their organisation and personal effectiveness. She also ran talks and workshops in relation to work life balance, stress management, team work, parenting and marital relationships.


Organisations that have engaged Kelly’s services are: Land Transport Authority, National Library Board, SingTel, Singapore Management University, East Spring Secondary School and Unity Secondary School.