• May 5, 2020

Parenting Webinar by Associate Trainer Mr Ahmad Taufiq


Managing Children’s Behaviour


Do you face challenges managing your children’s misbehaviours? Do you have to give many ‘chances’ to your children? Do you feel your children ‘climbing over your head’ at home? Do you need to ‘bribe’ them with treats and toys in order for them to follow your instructions? Mr Taufiq explores effective parenting strategies to manage your children’s misbehaviours without resorting to threats and bribes.

In this webinar session, parents will learn:

  • Common parenting myths and how to avoid parenting mistakes
  • How to prevent misbehaviours such as arguing, whining, bargaining
  • How to avoid the ‘talk-persuade-argue-yell-threaten-hit syndrome’
  • Strategies to manage temper tantrums
  • How to get your child to cooperate



1 hour



Saturday, 23 May 2020, 5 pm


Register Here  (Registration opens on 17 May 2020)

This webinar is part of the Family365 Webinar series hosted by Families for Life.






From He Says, She Says to Mutual Understanding


“I can’t believe she did that again!!!”

“How could he be so inconsiderate!”

These describe some frustrations spouses can experience with each other. However, they can find themselves revisiting the same issues and situations over and over again till both are quite fed up. There must be a way to communicate what we truly feel and be clearly understood.

In this webinar session, participants will learn to:

  • Explore helpful coping strategies and avoid negative ones
  • Identify needs versus expectations
  • Learn the four-step process of making requests



1 hour



Saturday, 30 May 2020, 3 pm


Register Here  (Registration opens on 24 May 2020)

This webinar is part of the Family365 Webinar series hosted by Families for Life.




About the Trainer

Associate Trainer Mr Taufiq


Mr Ahmad Taufiq, a compassionate, committed and an inspirational speaker, has more than 18 years of experience in conducting life skills and family education in primary and secondary schools, junior colleges and tertiary institutions in Singapore, including conducting programmes for at-risk and underprivileged children and youths in topics like bullying, self-harm in a myriad of children and youth issues.

He is experienced in engaging parents to discuss their role in providing social and emotional support to their children from parenting talks, one on one consultation with the Triple P framework and in private clinical settings. He has much experience coaching, mentoring and counselling teenagers from troubled backgrounds in school settings, tertiary institutions and post formal education too.

Taufiq was a counsellor for Singapore Civil Defence Force, SCDF, providing counselling services to new recruits, fire-fighters and national service personnel in SCDF Detention Barracks. He was part of CARE Singapore from 2005 to 2010 providing school social services to youths at risk and working with their families. Currently he is engaged by the Home Team Academy to provide training for the police officers on the managing Domestic Violence.


Professional Certification

PhD Candidate in Family Ecology and Youth Studies
M.Sc. Counselling Psychology (Wyoming State University)
B.Sc. Counselling Psychology (Wyoming State University)
Certified NLP Practitioner
Certification for Career Counselling with Youths at Risk Certification for Outdoor Adventure (OBS)
Positive Parenting Program Practitioner (Triple P for Levels 2 to 4) PREPARE – ENRICH Practitioner

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