“Coaching is 90% attitude and 10% technique.”      – unknown author



Do you find your children’s learning attention span short? Are their thoughts constantly wandering off? This two-session workshop aims to help parents identify your children’s strengths, types of intelligences and learning styles to maximise learning. Parents will learn and acquire the necessary skills that provide a more in-depth help in growing their children’s love for learning. Using experiential activities, small group discussions, demonstrations, case studies and personal reflection, parents will also explore creating a conducive home environment for learning and working in partnership with the school and the community.


Key areas covered:

  • Understanding Multiple Intelligences
  • What is difficult for children in their learning
  • Possible reasons for their difficulty
  • How children cope when faced with difficulties in their learning
  • Understanding the needs of the children
  • Expectations of parents and children and how to be realistic
  • Understanding parents’ own needs


Parents will take home strategies on:

  • how to render emotional support
  • ways parents can manage one’s emotions like anxiety
    and frustrations
  • identifying the children’s strengths; types of intelligences;
    learning styles; and how parents can use these to maximise
  • creating a conducive home environment for learning
  • working in partnership with school and community
  • how parents can transfer a joy for learning in their



1 session of 4hr


Target audience:

Staff / volunteers

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