Teach me what I should do, not tell me what I should not do



A replacement behaviour is an alternative behaviour that allows a child to meet the same need or achieve a similar outcome as the undesired behaviour they are currently using. As a teacher or parent, make the time purposeful by teaching and practicing with the child the alternative behaviour. This workshop supports you in coming up with a step-by-step guide in behavioural terms to teach the child what to do instead.



Key areas covered:

  • 6 main purposes of misbehaviours in children
  • Triggers, behaviours and consequences
  • Replacement behaviours for misbehaviours




Participants will be able to

  • recognise the triggers and consequences that set off the behaviours
  • teach replacement or alternative behaviours for misbehaviours
  • understand why children misbehave




1 session of 3hr



Target audience:

Staff / volunteers

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