Parenting Skills That Work With Teens (9 Mar 2019)

(Tuning in to your teens with your eyes and listening to them with your heart)


“My parents don’t understand me! They don’t listen! Before I can finish speaking, they are already telling me what to do and what not to do! I wish they could just sit and listen to me, and understand what I want and what is important to me!”


With young children, most parents found that telling them what to do worked fine. However, with teens, many parents found themselves facing resistance and rebellion when they used the same way to guide and correct them. Many teens too are struggling to communicate with their parents and trying to seek their understanding. If you have a pre-teen or teen, come and support one another in discovering ways to parent teens.


Key Areas Covered:

Parents will learn

  • How to understand their teens today, their lifestyles, their behaviours, values, the demands on them, the influence of media and the challenges involved in parenting teens
  • To explore the emotional needs of teens
  • Examine the important aspects of their role as parents of teens
  • Discover what teens wish from their parents
  • Ways to meet the emotional needs of teens
  • How to handle triggers in parent-teen relationships and the unmet expectations
  • To coach teens in specific life-skills like decision-making and goal setting
  • To manage stress, set-backs and boy-girl relationships
  • Ways to bond through meaningful activities



1 session of 4 hours



$37.45 per pax


Target audience:

Parents of teens

Upcoming Workshops

Date & TimeVenue
  • 09 Mar 2019
  • 9:00 am - 1:00 pm
Primavera Centre
Blk 95 Bedok North Avenue 4
Singapore 460095