The Incredible Years® Small Group Dinosaur Programme (Treatment) Parent Programme (Run 1 – Feb to May 2020)



1) Small Group Dinosaur Curriculum

For preschool, kindergarten and primary school children aged 4-8 years with behaviour problems


The Small Group Dinosaur curriculum treats children with conduct problems, ADHD and internalising problems in a fun, engaging way. It is delivered in 2-hour weekly small group sessions (6 children per group) for 18 weeks. Ideally it is offered in conjunction with the 2-hour weekly parenting programme group sessions so parents have an opportunity to foster their children’s learning in Dinosaur School in their interactions with them at home. The sessions are conducted by trained therapists and special education teachers.


Programme Topics covered:

  1. Apatosaurus: Making new friends & learning school rules
  2. Iguanodon: How to be Successful in School (Listening, Quiet Hands Up, Concentrating, Checking & Cooperating
  3. Triceratops: Detecting & Understanding Feelings
  4. Stegosaurus: Wally Teaches Problem Solving Steps (Identifying Problems and Solutions, Finding more solutions, Thinking of Consequences
  5. Tyrannosaurus Rex: Wally Teaches Problem Solving Steps (Controlling Anger & Problem Solving)
  6. Allosaurus: Molly Manners Teaches How to be Friendly (Helping, Sharing, Teamwork at School and at Home)
  7. Brachiosaurus: Molly explains How to Talk with Friends (Tell, Listen, Ask)


Small Group Dinosaur Session Outline

Session / WeekTopicsDurationClass Size
1Apatosaurus2h4 – 6 children
12Tyrannosaurus Rex2h




2) The Incredible Years® Parenting Programme Curriculum

For parents with children aged 4-12 years with behaviour problems


The Incredible Years® Parenting Programme strengthens parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional, and academic development. Parents also learn how to build school readiness skills and are encouraged to partner with teachers so they can promote children’s emotional regulation and social skills.


Programme Topics covered:

  1. Strengthening children’s social skills, emotional regulation and school readiness skills
  2. Using Praise and Incentives to Encourage Cooperative Behaviours
  3. Positive Discipline – Rules, Routine and Effective Limit Setting
  4. Positive Discipline – Handling Misbehaviour
  5. Reducing Inappropriate behaviour in school age children
  6. Supporting your Child’s Education


Parent Programme Session Outline

Session / WeekTopicDurationClass size
1Goal Setting2h5 – 10

parents and caregivers

2Importance of Parental Attention & Special Time2h
3Social, Emotion & Persistence Coaching2h
5Effective Praise & Encouragement2h
6Motivation Strategies2h
7Rules, Responsibilities & Routines2h
8Predictable Learning Routines & Clear Limit Setting2h
9Ignoring Behaviour2h
10Calm Down Strategies2h
11Teaching Problem Solving2h
12Review & Graduation2h



Dates for concurrent parent and child sessions for Run 1:


For ParentsFor Children
IY Parent ProgrammeIY Small Group Dinosaur Programme

(10am – 12nn)

Thu session (2pm – 4pm)Sat session (10am – 12nn)
15 Feb13 Feb15 Feb
22 Feb20 Feb22 Feb
29 Feb27 Feb29 Feb
7 Mar5 Mar7 Mar
14 Mar12 Mar14 Mar
21 Mar19 Mar21 Mar
28 Mar26 Mar28 Mar
4 Apr2 Apr4 Apr
18 Apr9 Apr18 Apr
25 Apr
9 May
16 May

Blk 323A Sengkang East Way #01-545

(S) 541323


Course fees (inclusive GST)

AttendanceIY Parent programme


IY Small Group Dinosaur (IYSD)
Combo Set pricing (IYP + IYSD)

Both parents & child attending



(max 2 parents/caregivers)

Single Set pricing (either IYP or IYSD)

Only parent or only child attending


(max 2 parents/caregivers)


Registration closes one week before the start date of workshop



It is a highly ranked evidence-based programme, with over 30 years of research. The strategies are tested and proven to work across different cultures in many countries. The sessions are highly interactive, with guided role plays and group discussions to reinforce strategies taught.


For more information or to register, please call 6285 1377 or email:


Upcoming Workshops

Date & TimeVenue
  • 13 Feb 2020
  • 2:00 pm - 4:00 pm
Morning Star Training Centre
Blk 323A Sengkang East Way
Singapore 541323
  • 15 Feb 2020
  • 10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Morning Star Training Centre
Blk 323A Sengkang East Way
Singapore 541323

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