Interactive Reading with C.A.R.E.

Promoting interactive reading with children in the early school years

Interactive Reading with C.A.R.E.


Isn’t interactive reading an easy and straightforward task? Do you know how to ignite the love for reading in your child with C.A.R.E.? This programme from The Incredible Years® promotes problem solving and social-emotional understanding while fostering children’s reading and language skills.


Key areas covered

Parents will learn how to

  • Build children’s self-esteem and self-confidence
  • Use books to help children learn how to problem solve
  • Follow their children’s lead and build emotional language and understanding
  • Encourage the children to think and talk about their feelings and what they had learnt
  • Support reading with C.A.R.E. building blocks of Commenting and describing pictures, Asking open-ended questions, Responding with encouragement, Expanding on what the child says



1 session of 4 hours


This programme is tailored for

Parents of pre-schoolers and lower primary school children




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