Incredible Baby Journey Online


A programme adapted from The Incredible Years® Parents & Babies programme for parents of babies and expectant parents



Do you want to attend a parenting workshop, but are unable to get yourself away from home? Through the Incredible Baby Journey Online programme, you will be able to improve confidence and support your baby’s developmental milestones and safety needs without stepping out the door. Skills you will learn would offer optimal emotional, physical, tactile, visual and language stimulation for your baby. Best of all, you get to practise these skills with your baby right from the comfort of your home, helping your baby to feel loved, safe and secure.



  • Getting to Know your Baby
  • Providing Physical, Tactile & Visual Stimulation
  • Babies’ Emerging Sense of Self


Our trained Incredible Years® Facilitators will use video clips of real-life situations to stimulate group discussion and shared learning, while the parenting group format fosters peer support networks and shared learning.


Learning Objectives

At the end of the Incredible Baby Journey Online programme, parents will learn how to:

  • Help your babies feel loved, safe, and secure
  • Encourage your babies’ physical and language development


Workshop dates

2 pm – 3.30 pm

20, 27 March, 3 April 2021, Saturdays


This programme is tailored for

Expectant parents, parents and caregivers of babies aged 0 – 10 months



$300 per couple


Registration closing date

12 March 2021



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Upcoming Workshops

Date & Time Venue
  • 20 Mar 2021
  • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • 27 Mar 2021
  • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
  • 03 Apr 2021
  • 2:00 pm - 3:30 pm

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