From “Stretched to Pieces” to Finding Balance

Finding balance in life and inner peace


In our speed and activities-driven lifestyles, many of us find that there is never enough time to do all that we want to do. We often see ourselves simply reacting to a day’s happenings rather than responding and managing them. Many of us are convinced that we have no choice over this ‘stretched to pieces state’ and we experience fatigue, exhaustion, discouragement and a lack of fulfillment.


Why not pause and reflect what would happen to us, our work and our relationships if we continue living life this way, getting busier and busier? Is there a way out of this non-stop treadmill that seems to be getting faster and faster? Is there a way to strive for better balance between work and personal life?


Key areas covered

Participants will learn:

  • What is really important to them and how they can protect these significant areas in the midst of other heavy commitments
  • How they can set priorities, given their limited time and energy
  • The crucial need for self-care
  • How to say ‘Yes’ to areas that are important to them and discover how they can learn to say ‘No’ to those not as important



1 session of 2 hr


This programme is tailored for

Working adults




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