Positive Guidance strategies & better understanding of the developmental characteristics of children



Many children may struggle in school with some topics or skills from time to time. When children try hard and still struggle with a specific set of skills over time, it could be a sign of a learning disorder. Having a learning disorder means that a child has difficulty in one or more areas of learning, even when overall intelligence or motivation is not affected.


Children with learning disorders may feel frustrated that they cannot master a subject despite trying hard and may act out, act helpless, or withdraw. Learning disorders can also be present with emotional or behavioral disorders, such as attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), or anxiety. The combination of problems can make it particularly hard for a child to succeed in school. Properly diagnosing each disorder is crucial, so that the child can get the right kind of help for each.


Key areas covered:

  • Overview of the social-emotional development milestones in school-age children
  • Various learning difficulties and behaviour issues in children Eg ADHD, Conduct disorder, Anxiety disorders-phobia, and mood disorders.
  • Strategies to support children with learning difficulties



Participants will be able to

  • understand the needs of the children with learning difficulties and behaviour issues
  • manage children with various learning difficulties and behaviour issues
  • apply useful strategies to help and support children with special needs in their learning




1 session of 3h


Target audience:

Staff / volunteers

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