Defining Moments

Focusing on what truly matters in our lives

Defining Moments


Do Singaporeans live at the speed of light? With all the technological advancements, globalisation, and access to people any time anywhere, are we closer to knowing what gives our life meaning or purpose? Is true happiness a myth? Are these questions worth pondering over?


The Defining Moments workshop allows people to come to a better understanding of what truly matters to them so that they can make informed choices towards getting the returns in life that they want.


Key areas covered

Participants will:

  • Have the opportunity to scan their current lifestyle and relationships
  • Get in touch with what is meaningful to them
  • Explore their priorities
  • Receive tips on being congruent with self
  • Be given a framework to incorporate foundational skills for growing personal awareness



  • Small group discussions
  • Self-reflection
  • Presentation, processing and inputs from the trainer



1 session of 2 hr


This programme is tailored for

Teens, young and older adults




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