Common Sense Parenting®

“Common sense is not so common.” — Voltaire

Common Sense Parenting (CSP)


Over 10,000 parents had benefited from our workshops each year ever since Common Sense Parenting® (CSP) was brought to Singapore in 2002. Do you feel like a clueless parent who cannot even handle a toddler, child or teen? Ever wondered why your neighbours or relatives were so close with their children? Are you curious to discover the secret of happy families? Want to be an effective and loving parent?


The CSP programme by Boystown USA gives parents and caregivers a set of skills to manage children’s and teens’ behaviours without affecting their self-esteem. With these skills in their tool box, parents and caregivers need not be anxious about how to manage a misbehaviour and teach new behaviours. Over the course of a few weeks, parents and caregivers will learn a new skill each week and have the opportunity to practise them individually with a skilled and professional trainer.


Key areas covered

  • Giving meaningful consequences
  • Correcting misbehaviours in a positive manner
  • How to use all of the Common Sense Parenting skills to address specific behaviours
  • Opportunity to practise skills at home and review them with the trainer the following week
  • To build upon the previous skills learnt and how to give reasons that motivate children and teens and how to maximise each and every opportunity to encourage positive behaviours
  • A new definition of disciplining children; a method to specifically describe which positive behaviours they want to see more of and which negative behaviours to correct
  • How to manage and contain out-of-control behaviours and teaching children and teens how to remain calm
  • How to prepare children and teens for new situations and how to teach new behaviours to replace stubborn behaviours



6 sessions of 2 hr each or 3 sessions of 4 hr each


This programme is tailored for

Parents of children aged 5 years and up





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