Brick Club



Where every Bricker is a C.H.A.R.M.

What is Brick Club?

Brick Club IS a fun social emotional learning activity that helps children develop skills to collaborate, communicate, negotiate, problem-solve and make friends through playing with LEGO® bricks.

It follows a programme called Brick-by-Brick® that was developed in the UK by Play Included C.I.C. Children form teams of up to 3 persons to build models out of LEGO® bricks.  Each session is called a Brick Club.


Who is a Bricker?

Children participating in Brick Club @ Morning Star are called Brickers.

Currently, Brick Clubs are suitable for Brickers aged between 7 and 12 years old.

Brick Clubs can help support Neurotypical children with their social and emotional wellbeing.


What is the goal of Brick Club @ Morning Star?

Our Brick Club Motto is “Where every Bricker is a C.H.A.R.M.

Through teamwork, Brickers hone the following virtues:

  • Courtesy & Respect
  • Helpfulness & Thoughtfulness
  • Assertiveness & Confidence, NOT Aggressiveness
  • Reliability & Trustworthiness
  • Moderation & Patience


Where are Brick Clubs conducted?

Brick Clubs are currently only conducted at our Brick Club Centre at Whampoa.  As more locations open up, we will update this page, so watch this space for updates!


When are Brick Clubs conducted at Whampoa?

Each Brick Club session is between 60 and 90 minutes.  Currently, Brick Club sessions are scheduled every Monday from 3.30pm to 5.00pm.  As our Brick Clubs grow, we will be opening up our Brick Club Centre at Whampoa to more days and time slots.

There is no fixed number of sessions – it is an activity for children to have fun.  However, all Brickers are required to commit to blocks of 3 sessions.


How much does it cost?

It is $250 for 3 sessions (before GST).  Subsidies are available.


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