Aces Go Places (Parents Only)

Showing children and teens how to succeed in their own special ways

Do you believe that your child can be successful in his own way? Does your child need to follow what you or others want him to do all the time? This workshop aims to show parents how their children and teens can succeed in their own terms. By taking care of their children’s feelings, parents will learn how to help their children turn adversity into opportunity, from seeing themselves as losers to winners and not giving up on themselves.


Key Areas Covered:

Participants will learn that their children

  • Have their own unique strengths, no one is completely the same
  • Have weaknesses but that does not mean that they are lousy
  • Can be successful no matter what their circumstances are
  • Cannot be successful in the same way as others
  • Can set goals without being distracted by other ‘noise’ around them



1 session of 2 hr


Target Audience:

Parents of children and teens

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