Academic Coaching Through Child-Directed Play

Equipping parents with skills to coach children in a fun way

Academic Coaching Through Child-Directed Play


Proactive parents who want to prepare their children to enjoy their learning instead of experiencing a daunting school experience will benefit greatly from this workshop. Parents who provide cognitive stimulation at home through reading and play activities are better able to support their children to self-regulate and respond in non-aggressive ways in conflict situations and to succeed at school. When parents are equipped with school readiness strategies, the children will be ready to learn and will more likely be academically successful. This programme from The Incredible Years® provides positive parenting strategies that are tested and proven.


Key areas covered

Parents will

  • Be aware of what children need in order to do well and enjoy their education journey
  • Conduct interactive reading
  • Build their children’s vocabulary and language skills
  • Encourage beginning reading and spelling skills
  • Empower their children’s reading confidence



1 session of 3 hr


This programme is tailored for

Parents of young children




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