Webinar: Finding Common Ground Between Parents & Teens (Bedok South Secondary School)

Tuning in to your teens and closing the gap between parents & teens by building a stable bridge


Webinar: Finding Common Ground Between Parents & Teens


“I have nothing in common with my teenager!”

“I wish I could get through to my teenager.”

“I just don’t understand my teenager.”


Many parents find themselves facing resistance and rebellion with their teens. Many teens too are struggling to communicate with their parents and trying to seek their understanding. They too can become temperamental and many parents struggle to connect with them. Yet deep inside these teens, they long for acceptance, approval, affirmation and love from their parents. The good news is: We can all learn and find ways to connect with our teens that are meaningful for them and for us!


1Finding Common Ground Between Parents & TeensSaturday, 29 October 2022
10 am – 11.30 am


Learning Objectives

During this webinar, parents will learn:




Registration closes 24 October 2022



About the Trainer

Rebecca Lye has been an MOE Teacher for more than 27 years. She is also a Teacher Counsellor and School Chaplain. She has undergone training in MOE’s pastoral care and sexuality programmes and has counselled and touched the hearts of many students throughout the years. She has run programmes for children and parents in the areas of managing transitions in family relationships as a Certified Director for the Rainbows programme catering to single-parent families, healthy sexuality, managing misbehaviours and parent-child communication. Rebecca is a mother of 6 children aged 11 to 24 years and her family story has appeared in “Celebrating Family: 101 Stories on Love and Inspiration”, a book published by the National Family Council.




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