• November 30, 2021
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Guilt-free Self-care for Mums: A Practical Guide

Blog Guilt-free Self-care for Mums


Self-care is important for everyone— even working mums and housewives who find themselves having a hundred and one things on their to-do list. And it doesn’t have to be a last item on your checklist. Here is a guilt-free practical guide to self-care for mums:


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Put your oxygen mask on first

You are the most important pillar of the family. Take a breather – Recharge, Re-energize, Rejuvenate. Avoid burnout and be there for your family. It isn’t being selfish or self-indulgent.


Accept the situation as it is

Move on to do the best with the available resources. Recognise your unique strengths and that of those around you.


Leave it for the weekend

When the days get filled to the brim, prioritise the tasks at hand and handle them one by one. Eliminate tasks which aren’t important or park them for a later date.


Put on a different lens

Altering the perspective surprisingly makes the task feel less daunting. When a threat isn’t perceived, the body’s stress response is deactivated.

Reach out to your spouse, children, siblings, parents, family or friends for support. Carve out me-time and spouse-time as well as one-on-one time with each child. Consult a professional if need be.



Walk, jog, exercise or indulge in aerobics or HIIT or Zumba. It pumps up the feel-good endorphins. It lifts the mood.


Manage screen time

The stimuli from screens stress the Central Nervous System. Screen time also affects sleep.


Eat right

Consuming healthy food reduces the negative effects of stress. Prep healthy food so that it is readily available to reach out to.



It relaxes and calms your body and mind and melts the stress away. Pray – Faith restores hope.


Be a role model for your children

The example that you set will mould their attitude. They’ll strive and develop these qualities without any instructions.



Here is a handy infographic you can share with fellow mums and friends! (Click image to expand)


Infographic Guilt-free Self-care for Mums



Harjit Kaur
Senior Trainer, Family Wellness



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