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Journeying into Self-care

Journeying into Self-care


The mental struggle of remaining positive amidst the longstanding Covid-19 pandemic is real, and you are not alone. During such unprecedented times, we need to learn to practice emotional self-care even more frequently than ever to better manage our emotions that are constantly challenged by various stresses. We have been told that the journey of life is a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs. In my opinion, this analogy depicts life in the truest and simplest way.


“The mental struggle of remaining positive… is real, and you are not alone.”


The New Normal

Let’s talk about the new normal such as working remotely. Yes, we do see some perks derived from working from home. Our lunch and breaks have never been far more efficient, where we can make do with a quick meal to save time for simple household chores like running the washing machine. However, among the bed of roses, there are downsides that come along with it as a bundle, such as blurred lines between work and breaks, or the struggle to juggle caregiving duties and work commitments.


Working remotely while my children were having home-based learning was indeed one such challenge for me. These small humans more often than not have multiple requests or issues that require my assistance. From locating a comfortable spot within my humble abode— which eventually resulted in their beds becoming their workstations during the day— to resolving technical issues and glitches, and satisfying their hunger pangs as their appetites had amazingly ballooned while learning from home. Many a time, their requests could not have be more perfectly timed; and that would be when I was in the midst of some urgent work matters.


The importance of self-care in the New Normal

In times like these, I always have to take some deep breaths and make a mental note to tell myself that, “Now is the exact time to insert a short five to ten-minute break for myself to resolve these issues before coming back to work”. With that, I have learnt to better manage my frustrations, my children’s expectations, and to be kinder should unexpected situations set in.


The pandemic has brought a new perspective to me which is the need for self-care. By learning to self-care, it helped bring my emotions to an equilibrium before I could possibly drown in negative thoughts. In the past, the notion of self-care was not as apparent, as we could naturally unwind in the good company of friends and family. Like a pressure cooker, we were able to let out some steam.


“Life has always been a learning journey and now is the time that we learn to invest on our well-being and infuse doses of optimism during hiccups for a healthier mind.”


In current times, with the numerous limitations and restrictions, we are not able to carry out such activities freely any longer. To prevent more pressures from building up and having a burn-out, the crux will be for every one of us to set a personal self-care formula that allows us to detach mind from work and devote some time to taking care of ourselves. Life has always been a learning journey and now is the time that we learn to invest on our well-being and infuse doses of optimism during hiccups for a healthier mind.


How to self-care in the New Normal


How to Self-care in the New Normal


Here are some helpful tips for practising self-care, that I hope will help you adjust to the New Normal:


  • Have a heart-to-heart talk
    Ring up a friend or chat with someone in your household— whether it’s to talk through your emotions to gain some clarity or bounce ideas for work, having a support system and a friend who can listen and share in your challenges is important.



  • Whistle while you work
    The seven dwarves from the Snow White film got it right. While you don’t have to sing, “Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it’s off to work we go!” you can listen to your favourite tunes on the radio or hum along to nostalgic songs from the 80s to lift your spirits.


  • Declutter your workspace
    Your workspace is where you will spend most of your time during the work day, so try to keep it as clean and conducive as possible. Remove any unnecessary items from your desk, file those stacks of papers and clear yesterday’s coffee mug. A tidy desk can help you to focus on your work and free up your headspace for what matters. And it’s not just the physical desk that needs decluttering, but your virtual desktop too.


  • Do some physical exercise
    Shake off the stress with an upbeat workout video or follow a dance routine with the kids. It can become precious bonding time with your child and help get your endorphins flowing, leaving you with a more positive mindset too.


  • Set aside time for your hobby
    Oftentimes when we feel burnt-out or discouraged at work, it’s be because we didn’t get enough “me time” or the personal space to do what we enjoy. It isn’t “wrong” or “being lazy” to set aside time in your schedule for a bit of watercolour painting or even to watch a cute animal video to unwind. In fact, it can help to increase productivity and boost your performance when you return to work.




Cai Silei, Manager, ProgrammesCai Silei
Manager, Programmes






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