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Which Parenting Workshop is Best for Me?



MSCS has an array of parenting workshops and programmes, and each one is tailored to suit parents and caregivers at different family life stages. When parents reach out to us, we recommend workshops by their child’s age, misbehaviour, the parent’s stress level, learning needs and commitment level. Read on to find out which one is best suited for your parenting needs.


My child is

0 – 10 months old

12 months – 2 years old

3 – 5 years old

6 – 12 years old

13 – 16 years old


Parenting programme highly recommended by age group


0-10 monthsThe Incredible Years® Parents & Babies3-5 yearsThe Incredible Years® Parenting ProgrammeTriple P® PreschoolSignposts for Early YearsOnline Parent Coaching6-12 yearsThe Incredible Years® Parenting ProgrammeTriple P® PrimarySignposts for Building Better Behaviour in Children13-16 yearsTriple P® Secondary



The Incredible Years® Parents & Babies Programme (0 – 10 months)


Through The Incredible Years® Parents & Babies Programme, you will be able to improve confidence, and support your baby’s developmental milestones and safety needs. The programme uses video clips of real-life situations to stimulate group discussion and shared learning. Skills learnt would offer optimal emotional, physical, tactile, visual and language stimulation for your baby, and help your baby to feel loved, safe and secure.


Look out for the latest programme run here



The Incredible Years® Parenting Programme (3 – 12 years)


The Incredible Years® Parenting Programme guides parents in using positive discipline to manage misbehaviour and reduce harsh discipline, fostering your ability to promote your child’s social, emotional and academic development, and strengthening parent-child interactions and attachment. With video clips of real-life situational vignettes and group discussions with parents who experience similar issues, this programme is useful for parents of children with psychological or behavioural disorders. Trained Incredible Years® facilitators will also guide parents through real-time practice exercises, so that parents feel confident in employing the learned methods at home.


The Incredible Years® Parenting Programme runs for 8 sessions, with child progress updates each week to best foster improvement at home. Look out for the latest programme run here


If your child is 12 months to 2 years old, you can attend this programme in advance, to prepare yourself for when your child reaches 3 years old. By around 2.5 to 3 years, toddlers begin to understand instructions and how their behaviour affects others’ feelings, so you may like to equip yourself with the parenting skills to set limits and use timeouts effectively.



Triple P® (3 – 16 years) — Take the Parenting Survey


Triple P® (Positive Parenting Programme) is an evidence-based parenting and family support programme designed to prevent behavioural, emotional and developmental problems in children by enhancing the knowledge, skills and confidence of parents.


The programme is tiered in 3 group ages: Triple P® Preschool (3 – 5 years), Triple P® Primary (6 – 12 years) and Triple P® Secondary (13 – 16 years) with four levels each of increasing intensity. In brief, Level 1 is an introduction to the programme, Level 2 Webinars cover the core positive parenting principles which Triple P’s strategies revolve around, Level 3 One-to-One Coaching is more focused individual guidance for parents of children with mild to moderate behavioural difficulties occurring on a regular basis, and Level 4 Group Sessions are for parents who require more intensive training in multiple contexts.


There are no prerequisites to attend each level, i.e. parents need not attend Level 2 to attend Level 3 or Level 4, as parents will be advised on a suitable programme level for their learning needs after completing our Parenting Survey


Triple P sessions are now offered free, subsidised by the Ministry of Social and Family Development. Learn more about Triple P here. You may also like to watch our video explaining how the different Triple P levels work and fill in the Parenting Survey for us to assess your parenting learning needs and recommend suitable programmes for you



Signposts (3 – 12 years)


Signposts for Early Years (3 – 6 years) and Signposts for Building Better Behaviour in Children (6 – 12 years) are on-site programmes that help families prevent or manage the difficult behaviour of preschool and primary school-aged children, including those with developmental delay or intellectual disability. Over five sessions, Signposts helps parents design a personalised home programme that suits the unique needs of your child and develop strategies to prevent and manage difficult behaviour. Look out for the latest programme run here


For parents who require more advanced help, or if your child has a learning need, like Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) and Autism spectrum disorder (ASD), you may like to attend The Incredible Years® Parenting Programme



Online Parent Coaching (3 – 6 years)


Online Parent Coaching (OPC) provides highly personalised, face-to-face parent coaching sessions, to address your specific parenting concerns you have with your toddler. Using evidence-based parenting strategies approved and adopted by numerous international organisations, our accredited parent coaches will guide you along in the comfort of your own home, where you can practise methods in real-time with your child. Learn more about the specific toddler behaviours that Online Parent Coaching can help with here



For School, Organisations & Parent Groups


We do run ad hoc parenting workshops on specific topics, like Helping Our Children Transit Into Primary 1 With Ease, Responsible Limit Setting for Online Gaming & Activities and The Lure of Online Activities & How to Overcome It. Each workshop would need a minimum of 20 pax to be run. Some workshops can also be conducted in Chinese or Malay language. Check out our parenting workshops by topic for schools and organisations



A note for Educators and Professionals


If you’re an Educator, Social Worker, Counsellor or Therapist looking for programmes to train you to equip your parents with parenting skills, we have an annual The Incredible Years® Basic Parenting and Small Group Dinosaur Group Leaders Training. Look out for our upcoming events here



We hope this has helped you in finding a suitable workshop to boost your parenting confidence and family harmony. Feel free to add this page to your bookmarks for future reference!


You can also reach out to our Training Team at training@morningstar.org.sg for queries and to request for ad hoc workshops for your parent group.




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