• March 31, 2021
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Volunteering starts from the Heart



During my time as a volunteer, I recalled a boy at CareNights who was simply radiating with energy. The Facilitator had asked me to coach him in Chinese, so I sat with him and he asked me to test him on his 听写 (Chinese spelling).


As we went through the word list, I struck up a conversation with him and learnt that he was eight years old but was in primary one. At that age, he was supposed to be in primary two, but he had to repeat a year. In this day and age, many of us would take it for granted that yearly progression in primary school is a given.


I could also tell that he had some learning difficulties, but he didn’t give up. He worked diligently on his spelling list, and he was finally satisfied with having mastered the strokes only after the tenth time. This young boy had taught me a lot about grit and determination. That touched me.


Helen practising on her ukulele for the Christmas party with CareNights
Helen practising on her ukulele for the Christmas party with CareNights

I had decided to volunteer at CareNights, because I wanted to do something worthwhile, to be able to use the skills that I’m blessed with to help others. And here I had met such spirited individuals who were as much a blessing to me as I had hoped to be to them.


Volunteering helped me grow as a person in knowing that the little things that I can offer can make a difference to someone else’s life. And when you work with like-minded individuals with the aim to bless others through your combined efforts, the energy and the positive vibes are very encouraging— and even contagious.


In 2019, I was inspired to organise a Christmas party with my colleagues in support of CareNights. We held a charity performance, and to our elation, many people donated to it. The following year, when my church group learned that many families were impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic, we organised a donation drive, and one of our beneficiaries was Morning Star. I would say that it is through God’s grace that I have crossed paths with Morning Star and CareNights through these events.


The families received grocery vouchers from the donation drive with bright smiles
The families received grocery vouchers from the donation drive with bright smiles


At the end of the day, volunteerism is a very personal commitment, and it has to come from a heart to help others in need and to be a positive role model to the younger generation. If more of us volunteered, it would make for a happier place to live in.



Helen Yeo
Volunteer & Fundraiser, CareNights



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