• December 11, 2020
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From One Parent to Another: Mealtimes at Morning Star



It all began in 2005, when I was offered a sponsorship to do culinary studies in the Navy. My passion for cooking was ignited and since then, I’ve moved on to serve in Morning Star Community Services.


I enjoy the process from receiving and unpacking the ingredients, to preparing and plating the dish. Cooking for the children in the centres brings me joy.


It isn’t always easy, of course. I remember in 2019, a parent called one evening, telling us that her child had had an allergic reaction to the meal that day. I was troubled. I couldn’t sleep a wink that night, for fear of the child’s health. I could only imagine the anxiety the parent must be going through. I thought about my own son. I, too, would be worried if he were unwell.


The following days were a whirl of brainstorming with my team and finding ingredient substitutes for the dish. It took some trial and error, but we finally managed to develop a new recipe that used different spices, yet retained the nutrition value and flavour of the original dish.


The next time we served this dish, I felt accomplished, because the child could safely enjoy the dish with his peers. Seeing the children’s delighted faces when they ate the meal brought me great joy and satisfaction.


I shared previously that cooking for children has taught me creativity and perseverance. Now, I would like to add that as a parent myself, I understand how you feel about giving your child the best even at mealtimes. I would like to assure you that at Morning Star, we strive to serve only the freshest ingredients, with no artificial flavourings or seasonings, and that each meal is served hot and fresh daily.


Since cooking for the Navy, and now the children at Morning Star, I haven’t looked back and I hope to continue serving the community with my time and passion.



Raymond, Head Chef at Morning Star

Raymond Tay
Chef, Food & Beverage Department




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