• November 25, 2020
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Fun Family Ideas to Celebrate Christmas at Home

Fun Family Christmas Ideas at Home


Most of us are expecting quieter Christmas celebrations this year. But that doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun time with your loved ones at home! In our fast-paced environment, with education and career at the forefront of our priorities, we often lack the opportunity to interact with loved ones for extended periods— dinnertime would be the longest duration spent together for some families. But after Covid-19 hit, people are getting to spend more time together.


When the children in our NOVA Learning Intervention Programme stayed home during the home-based learning period, parents shared that they got to spend more time with their children, and use the parenting skills they had learned through parenting programmes, like Common Sense Parenting and Triple P (Positive Parenting Programme).


One boy shared that before the pandemic, he hardly got to see his mother because she was often busy at work. Now that she was working from home, they got to spend more time together and he enjoyed playing games and watching movies with his mother.


What better time for a family to learn to be appreciative of one another and get to know each other better than now?


Fun Christmas Celebration at Home Ideas

Since Christmas parties will be much smaller this year, families have to become more innovative in how they celebrate together. Here are some fun ideas for a cosy family Christmas celebration at home this year:


Beautiful Christmas table setting at home


Have a family potluck


Let your kids choose a dish they would like to prepare for your Christmas feast. You can guide them through or get them to lead by following a recipe. This teaches them responsibility, leadership and how to follow instructions. If you prefer, your younger children can help to set the cutlery and make table decorations like hand-drawn placecards for each family member.


© master1305 / Freepik






Fun Christmas-themed family ice-cream party at home


Have an ice-cream party


Gather three to five different flavours of ice-cream and a variety of toppings, like M&M’s, Oreos, Lotus biscuits, marshmallows, sprinkles and cereal— or cut fruits, berries and nuts for a vitamin-filled alternative. Display the toppings in special dishes and let your child scoop their own ice-cream and decorate it.


© Racool_studio / Freepik






Girl performing for family fun Christmas party at home


Have your own family talent show


Put together your own homemade stage props and costumes and have your kids choose a talent that they would like to perform, like singing a song, doing magic tricks or reading a Christmas story. You can perform a segment too so that it is a family effort. You can even invite relatives to join in online over Zoom if you like.


© Freepik






Girl having fun dancing to Christmas music at home


Have an online dance party


Put some music on and let your hair down! You can use dance video platforms like Just Dance Now for your kids to follow along. Your children will get to build their confidence through dance and express themselves during the freestyle section. You can also turn cleaning up after the feast into a dance party.


© pressfoto / Freepik







I hope that this has helped your family grow stronger together as one this Christmas. As you spend the holiday season together, even a small step in your relationship is something big worth celebrating.



Kah Yin, NOVA Facilitator

Kah Yin
Facilitator, NOVA Learning Intervention Programme




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