Success Stories of Children in CareNights



In my two years working with CareNights @ Morning Star, I have seen many children come through the centres’ doors. They come from different social experiences and family backgrounds. Some are rather shy, while others prefer a noisy atmosphere, so maintaining order in the centres takes patience and genuine care for the children.


Chloe, from quiet to confidence

Some children arrive at CareNights contemplative and quiet, shying away from answering questions and preferring to watch the others play from a comfortable distance. Chloe (not her real name), joined CareNights in Primary One. She was smaller than the other children and withdrew from interacting with them. Upon further investigation, our facilitators found out that she was being bullied in school, which led to low self-esteem and a reluctance to talk to her peers. Our facilitators made it a point to give her constant encouragement and praise. Over time, she gradually started showing confidence, and by the end of the year, she was participating in group activities and approaching others to ask for help. Now she enjoys playing games with the other children and often raises her hand to answer the Facilitator’s questions during Circle Time.


Matthew, from disruptive to attentive

Other children come into CareNights thinking that rules are meant to be broken. Matthew (not his real name), who has special needs, was constantly running around the centre and did not listen to instructions, partly due to his condition. The facilitators and I  approached his school for advice regarding his daily routine and suitable behaviour management. We worked together to prepare visual aids for Matthew when giving instructions to the children. With patience and firm guidance, Matthew began responding to the pictures, and now joins in the activities with fewer disruptions. We take every opportunity to praise him when he displays his strengths— he especially loves drawing dinosaurs— and his face lights up every time.


It is so fulfilling to see the progress in children’s character and behaviour. Coming from an engineering background, I had no idea how to manage children when I first started out, but it has grown on me over time, and I have come to realise that guiding and mentoring children is my passion.


The most important thing that I want the children to take away from CareNights is that they are worthy— worthy of love, of life, of self-respect, of joy. It brings me such joy to see the children happy and well. They deserve to live life to the full, just as we all do.



Lemuel, CareNights SupervisorLemuel Baculanta
CareNights Supervisor, Programmes



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