• January 17, 2020
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Is Slime Good for My Kid?


Ahh… The ever-evolving world of children’s toys. A new sensation has hit the market— ooey-gooey, multi-coloured dough that squelches and pops and is the bane of many a school teacher: slime.


However, distracting as it may be in the classroom, when placed in the right hands at the right time, this squishy substance can teach a child valuable lessons in patience, perseverance and leadership through play.


During the December school holidays, a youth volunteer was extremely kind to take time off her busy schedule to teach the children in the NOVA Learning Intervention Programme the acquired art of making one’s own slime.


While making the slime, one child added too much of an ingredient and her slime became too tough to pull. She grew upset and was about to give up altogether, but with coaching and after she had calmed down, she managed to accept her mistake and find the solution to her problem.


The child managed to fix her slime and stretched it to her heart’s content


The children also practised taking turns and helping one another pour ingredients and remove the little pieces of slime that got caught between their fingers.


At the end of the craft session, the children were happy with their personalised slime and packed them home in little tubs. Some were peppered with foam beads, others had streaks of colour, and still others sparkled with glitter in the sunlight.


This little one stared back at us with googly eyes


We have concluded that, yes, slime can be beneficial for your child when given the right space to play with it. Slime is a great tool for children to take a break from regular schoolwork and relieve their stress, as well as to practise focusing on a single task. So shy not from this new marvel for children. It can teach a valuable lesson or two in social-emotional learning.



Carmelle Chua
Facilitator, NOVA Learning Intervention Programme

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