• March 22, 2019
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To Those who have Loved and Lost


“Don’t count the days but make the days count.” — Muhammad Ali


I was pretty excited about sharing a blog post for the month of March. Little did I know that so many things could happen in the world within this one month. We are just in the first quarter of 2019 and so many innocent lives have been lost. Although the tragedies might not affect us directly, our hearts go out to the families who have lost their loved ones.


It dawned on me that sometimes, we take the days we have for granted. It is easy to count the number of days till the next pay day, but have we done enough to make those days count?


It is uncertain how our fate is going to be. Thus, spend the days with your families and loved ones whilst you still have the chance, because you will never know the number of your days.


The image on the right is an Instagram post uploaded by a dear friend of mine. Unknown to us, she was keeping track of the number of years of our friendship. All this while. This fact cut us like a knife only when she was gone in June last year. It is still hard for us to process that one of us would leave the group forever before we reached our thirties. In the name of innocent fun, we were counting down to who would “get hitched” first without realising that we were literally counting down to who would go first. It has been close to a year, but I will never forget that solemn day. Seeing my friend’s mom bawl over losing her daughter was so heart-wrenching that it made me reflect on my own relationship with my mother. Have I been so filial to earn that much love?


All I am saying is, cherish the days you have with your loved ones for you will never get the days back once they are gone. And to those who have loved and lost someone dear to you, “Kia Kaha”— which means “stay strong” in Māori, because time will heal.

Sarah all smiles on a mountain in Tibet


Time is very slow for those who wait
Very fast for those who are scared
Very long for those who lament
Very short for those who celebrate
But for those who love time is eternal.

William Shakespeare


Sarah Roslan
Workshop Planner, Training, Family Wellness Division


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