NOVA Learning Intervention Programme

Nurturing One's Valuable Attributes

Amongst the numerous programmes that Morning Star Community Services offer is the NOVA Learning Intervention Programme. Mainstream children enrolled in the programme exhibit weak foundational skills, poor decision-making habits and often struggle with social-emotional regulation. This affects their ability to learn and meet the requirements of school. These children tend to be from multi-stressed, low-income families.


The daily programme helps children develop confidence and strengthen their competencies in each of the four domains (social, emotional, behavioural and academic learning skills). The programme also helps parents by empowering them with skills to support their children at home.


The structure, routine and discipline practised in the programme enable the children to learn how to regulate their own emotions and behaviour, boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Consequently, they begin to show improvements in their school work and interpersonal relationships. As values and habits take time to grow deep roots, children graduate from NOVA at different times.

Our Approach

The daily programme has its objectives, to help children develop and strengthen their learning abilities in each of the four domains (social, emotional, behavioural and academic learning skills) by:


  • Identifying the unique learning style(s) of children not responding to standard teaching methodology
  • Teaching children how to be active learners through the ‘Plan-Do-Review’ approach
  • Goal setting
  • Effective time management
  • Focusing and sustaining attention
  • Inspiring and encouraging the curiosity and inquisitiveness inherent in children
  • Addressing emotional and behavioural issues through coaching and counselling, leading to better self-regulation
  • Inculcating values and establishing priorities
  • Focusing on key foundation skills in literacy and numeracy.


The programme also involves counselling work with the parents of the child through:


  • Identifying challenges and problems encountered by the child
  • Facilitating a greater understanding by parents of the child’s learning modality
  • Strategising with parents appropriate approaches in managing issues with the child
  • Empowering parents with skills in effective child management.
  • Create bonding between parent and child during the counselling/coaching session.
  • Equipping parents with knowledge on establishing and structuring support for their child to develop holistically – physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially

Operational Information & Location

The operations of NOVA Programme runs on a daily basis from Monday to Friday which includes the four term holidays. With the increasing demand for our services, we plan to provide the NOVA Learning Intervention Programme in primary schools island-wide for students who have learning difficulties. Currently, there is one community-based and three school-based NOVA Labs in operation with a total enrolment of about 80 students.


Current NOVA Labs

  • Hougang Centre – Community Based
  • St Anthony’s Canossian Primary School – School Based
  • Canossa Convent Primary School – School Based
  • St Joseph’s Institution Junior – School Based

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